Home! What a strange word that is after all this time of traveling, living and wandering the New Zealand landscape?

Hi! we are Jeremy and Serena. We are a family of five who started traveling in 2014 and from 2019 started blogging and writing about our journey. From this came our first book Roaming Home, which talks about why we started on this journey. Having three children and living full time on the road we discovered so much more than we ever got from doing normal. What is normal anyway? Is their a one size fits all? Well that’s what we find out from this traveling life and predominately the answer is no. Its a multi faceted and fractured world we live in and although superficially we agree on many main stream assumptions of what life and a world view is, we find most are struggling with this view.

If you have ever thought about living on the road or wondered why people do, then i invite you to read Roaming home and join our journey of discovery. You may even discover something about yourself along the way. Listed in the archives section are blog posts from 2019. Small snippets of events that happened during out travels. Will be updating from time to time so keep checking back.

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