Is this the end?

Well this has been a month i would have rather not have had. I woke at 3am wondering what woke me up. I had a cup of tea then went back to bed. i woke again at 7.30 feeling a little tired and my eyes seemed sluggish and i felt dizzy. i kind of moped around for most of the […]

When life gives you sand

I probably previously said in another post how since buying the property in Maruia, we didn’t have enough money to actually do anything with it. but we have been blessed with all sorts of junk laying around and things left by the pervious owner that has enabled us to achieve most of what we needed to get done including the […]

Nature calls

Finally we now have a working compost toilet after about 2 week’s of messing around with concrete. I had wanted to get a urine diverter but it costs $50 so decided to just use what we have on hand again which consists of our metal pit and half a bag of cement left over from another project. It consisted of […]