In the garden

We have been in Maruia now for a little over two months and it has been hard work without a doubt. With little in the way of capital to try and make a living from selling produce and serena’s Bonsai we have been utilizing what ever we have had at hand or that we could get for Free. We made […]

Feilty and futility

I’m exhausted. I pushed myself to hard this week trying to get the greenhouse done so we can get some veggies started. We had some tomatoes outside in a planter but the frost killed them. We have been pushing hard to get something established that felt like we were going forward but I feel old. Everything hurts. I feel like […]

Our home is

After 6 years of travelling, 2 in our current truck ‘we have finally stopped. It was getting time and now that the kids are older and space is once again becoming an issue it was decided that we needed to settle somewhere so our girls could grow up and expand beyond what we could offer them travelling. I will miss […]