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It’s only a couple of weeks till Christmas. Although i know it’s become a thing of just giving and getting it’s still difficult being with family and not being able to give to them something from the heart that you actually go out and buy. Serena may soon be out of work for a while and result in a trip back to Whangarei in the truck for another round of minimalist living just to survive. I hate when we have to do this because rather than it energizing you like when you find ways to make more income it actually takes away from you making you less positive. we thought by now we would have been looking at a different kind of Christmas with great gifts to give and planning where we will live and buy a piece of land to begin another chapter of our lives. Sadly the house still hasn’t sold so it’s looking not too cheery. On the bright side my incredible wife has managed to sell some bonsai trees in Auckland. enough to at least pay the fuel bill for another week. She started work at 6 am then loaded up the car and drove to Auckland, returning at 10.30. I hate seeing her work so hard for minimum wage which barely gets us through each week but i know their are many people who are struggling at this time of year just to feed themselves. I’m really grateful for what we have despite the struggle sometimes.

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