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We have been here for almost a month now while Serena does strawberry picking in Mangawhai. It isn’t until you or someone you know does it that you begin to find out just how hard a job it is, especially on your back. Newer more modern methods are developing in this with the use of coconut fiber as the medium and the plants being raised of the ground so no real bending required. It’s been a bit touch and go lately as to whether Serena will still have a job leading up to Christmas as due to some bad management decision most of the strawberries were pulled out due to labor being higher than the market was fetching. My wife and i were pretty gutted about the destruction of so many good healthy plants that could have been offered in different ways to the public such as pick your own so less staff would have been required. I remember a similar thing happening to a rose place i was working years ago where the owner had died and he have over stocked the roses by 100,000 plants which they couldn’t hope to shift as the market wasn’t there. Rather than just dumping them on the market at cheaper prices, which would have devalued the whole business it was decided to burn them all. I remember how sad that was knowing that all those beautiful blooms would be gone. But it’s the sad fact in business and it’s easy to stand and judge the bad decisions and the wastage that happens in business but it’s the nature of it. At the end of the day it’s all about money.

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