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Another day

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Counting the days till we can leave whangarei again and head off to some other place. Actually I'm mostly looking forward to the disconnection from people and stuff. To just be moving again.
Getting settled is very appealing but I notice how quickly it becomes routine and you live one day away from the next day just waiting for the weekend. It's not terribly bad and the routine and familiarity does deliver a kind of comfort in knowing what your next day will look like. It's predictable but you know that it's a trade off. And you wonder weather a day of your existence has been worth it.  The day seems full enough but I find that your always trying to get through this day so that tomorow will come or the weekend or pay day or whatever else keeps us from just living in the moment. But I'm also aware that living on the road can be this way too sometimes especially when money is a little tight and you are getting tired of the peace and quiet and want to feel connected with the world again. Oh its so hard. You feel like there is a place or a situation here in this life that will be absolutely perfect but it seems everything and every place has some built in hardships or something to keep us hoping for the next day to come and free us from our current problems. I don't know what it takes to be truly at peace right in the present moment but I'm working on it.

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