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Ok so now i have experienced being stuck in a big truck. It wasn’t too bad really but nothing short of heavy equipment, even when only a little stuck’ will budge the blue monster.

Thankfully the patumahoe facebook community put a shout out to some folk and the next day i was unstuck and back on metal again. Soo much rain lately and massive amount of electrical energy sparking across the sky.

We shifted away from the work environment where serena has been working because i found it difficult being on the job 24/7 with the kids. She seems more relaxed at the end of the day too now and we have moved right next to an old Methodist church not far from the egg farm.

The building was erected sometime in the 1800s and is solid kauri probably sauced locally at the time. Its in need of some repialing at some point so maybe with my skills i could be of use there. will wait and see. the owner is a nice guy who uses the old church for jam sessions with his brother from time to time so i’m hoping it might foster some musical curiosity from my girls. we have a mic ,keyboard and guitar and some means to do mixing so it could be fun.

We also have the wind turbine up and running although mostly just up and not so much running at this stage.

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