Fivetogether is a family website about living and travelling full time in New Zealand

After 5 years of living in a house truck a lot has changed. For one the house truck itself has changed to something a lot bigger to accommodate growing children and their developing needs. The driver has changed too as i couldn’t drive on my class licence.

Then there are the shifts in extended family structures that once you go outside of them, seem to take on their own pathways of which you only observe rather than feel and can sometimes surprise you. Families draw closer or sometimes further apart depending on what was going on inside of them. So we look to the future more and more as we leave behind what was and press on to what might be depending on the choices we  and others make.


Its quite a scary thought knowing how much we are influenced by outside forces, largely of which we have no control over and we live our lives out within this structure no matter who decides what those influences are to be whether it was us, others or God himself. What governs the paths we choose within or the freedom allowed to us outside can seem very insignificant sometimes but a small change in the wind can cause us to end up who knows were. All i can say, for now anyway’ is at least we have each other.

For us this journey started in 2015 when we were so frustrated with the direction our lives were taking us and the feeling like their was no where for us to be in the world around us. nothing that fit or that wasn’t just a getting by as though just around the corner the thing we were meant for would materialise and we could say that! this is it. the thing for which i am alive. some purpose some reason other than the desire of parents or perhaps their mistakes that brought us here. Isn’t that the quest for everyone in the end to find that meaning or their existence? Well for us the song by U2! I still haven’t found what i’m looking’ for may apply. But one day we will find our home or some semblance of the life that we feel we were supposed to have. in the mean time the ability to travel keeps us from feeling trapped by circumstance and victims to a system that so often disappoints.